Superior Packaging

Zip-Chem's superior packaging technology allows for reduced waste and labor saving application-keys to cost control. We offer pre-mixed frozen materials and sealed two-component packaging/mixing systems, such as Clip-paks(r), special syringe packages, injection and barrier kits. Combination mixing and application devices such as two component syringes and Foil-paks are also available.

Zip-Chem packaging systems address environmental and occupational health concerns as well. Non-ozone depleting aerosol technology and simple hand pump sprays provide significant advantages. These systems place a controlled amount of product at precisely the point of need-reducing waste and minimizing build-up. Cartridge systems and specialized mixing and spray applicators also facilitate cost savings through bulk packaging and carefully controlled product applications.

One reason for the success of Zip-Chem's packaging systems is the flexibility they allow our customers. Short runs in material packaging are common and encouraged. We meet site-specific needs without the need to ship large quantities of product. Zip-Chem's substantial international distribution ensures that the cost efficiencies attained with larger batch runs remain in place regardless of an individual order.

In the near future, we will post a detailed discussion of special packaging applications. please feel free to return to this page later, or send us an e-mail if you have a specific question.

Alternative Packaging Guide

Application Packaging Alternatives Principle Advantages Cost Implications Other Advantages
Two-component Coatings and paint Clip-paks, Zip-Spray Precise mix of materials Reduced waste Reduce release, educed exposure.
Two-component Adhesives, Epoxies and Sealants Foil-paks, Clip-paks, Dual syringes, Frozen, pre-mixed Precise mix of materials, product performance Reduced waste, labor savings Reduced exposure
Contact Cleaners Pre-moistened Towelettes, Aerosol Ease of use, reduced contamination potential Reduced waste labor savings Reduced release or ODS
Lubricant CICs Aerosol, Cartridges, Tubes, pails Precision application Reduced waste Minimal product build-up
Cleaners Pumps, Sprays, Towelettes Convenient, quick application Refillable containers allow bulk processing Pre-dosed, accurate concentrations
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