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Physical Properties

  • Non-Volatile Content % 55
  • Flash Point, PMCC,° F 110° F (44° C)
  • Salt Spray, on steel >700 hrs
  • Viscosity 400cps
  • Low Temperature Adhesion No Flaking
  • Removable with solvent
  • Compatability with Brass, Cadmium, Zinc, Magnesium, Aluminum, Steel
  • Humidity Cabinet Hours >1000 hrs

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Cor-Ban 50


Cor-Ban 50 is a dark brown, thixotropic liquid CIC intended for heavy duty use. The Cor-Ban 50 is a solvent cut-back formulation which dries in approximately two hours. This is a firm, amber, transparent film which will not flow below 175° F.


Cor-Ban 50 is formulated to protect painted and unpainted metal surfaces. Cor-Ban 50 may be applied by spray, dip or brush in the temperature range of 50° F to 100° F. A gallon of this material will cover approximately 800 square feet at a film thickness of 1mil thick. For areas requiring penetration, pretreat areas with Cor-Ban 35 then cover with Cor-Ban 50. One aerosol of Cor-Ban 50 covers approximately 95 ft 2.


Cor-Ban 50 is non-corrosive and readily wets the surfaces of most commonly used metals.


Item Number-->Package size

007896-->AERSOL 12/CS

009411-->GAL 4/CS

007872-->5 GAL

007873-->55 GAL

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