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Physical Properties

  • * Flash Point (PMCC):
    75°F for Part A & 90°F for Part B
  • * Application temperature:
    65°F - 90°F (18°C - 32°C)
  • * Application Relative humidity:
    15-70% RH at 75°F
  • * Pot Life (in moisture free container):
    10 hours
  • * Shelf Life:
    12 months from DOM
  • * VOC (Part A&B mixed):
    861 grams/liter
  • Refer to Boeing D6-1816 for specific application temperature and humidity ranges based on the paint being used.

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Sur-Prep AP-1


Sur Prep ™ AP-1 is an adhesion promoter that can be used in the place of scuff sanding between coats of paint. It helps to re-activate the surface of the paint for subsequent coats to be applied. It can also be used for enhancing the adhesion of paint used for stenciling to topcoats.


1- Mix 2-part kit - Pour Part A into Part B container. 2 - Reseal the Part B container and shake for 5 minutes. 3 - Pour mixture into use container. 4 - Keep use container covered until ready for application. Pot life for mixture is 24 hours. 5 - Apply with HVLP, air assisted, airless with or without electrostatic paint gun, or aerosol. 6 - Apply as thin film, wetting surface (gloss on paint surface will change) 7 - Allow to dry minimum 30 minutes for large area, 15 minutes for stencil use. 8 - Apply next decorative paint coat.


Sur-Prep ™ AP-1 is sprayed as a thin, wet film with typical wet film thickness of 20 to 40 microns. Application is performed using standard paint application methods such as HVLP guns, air assisted, airless spray guns with or without electrostatic spray equipment. Coverage is typically 600 to 1000 ft2/gal (15 to 25 m2/l) and fly away weight is typically less than 0.2 lb/1000 ft2 (1 kg/1000 m2). When applied, the promoter forms a fine, whitish-gray powder and is easily detectible as it reduces the 60° surface gloss of the topcoat from 90 to below 10. Coverage with the aerosol is typically 20-30 ft2 per 16 fluid ounce can.


  • BMS 10-127 Class C and Class B, Boeing D6-1816, BAC5308
  • T.O. 1-1-8, T.O. 35-1-3
  • NSN: 8010-01-600-1533 4 oz can (24 per box)
  • NSN: 8010-01-600-2254 11 oz can (12 per box)
  • Process Doc Decorative Finishes
  • BAC 5308 Application of Stencils
  • USAF T O 1-1-8 DSC596-2


Item Number-->Package size

011671-->AEROSOL 12/CS

100767-->4oz aerosol 24 per case


100265-->GAL 2/CS

*Special packaging upon request

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