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Physical Properties

  • • Density:
    7.1 lbs/gal
  • • Composite Vapor Pressure:
    44 mm of Hg
  • • VOC:
    230 g/L (27%)
  • • Appearance Clear:
    and colorless

Product Image


SurPrep AR-58


SurPrep AR-58 is a solvent blend that removes various adhesives. SurPrep AR-58 works to remove adhesives from various substrates including metal and paper. It is recommended that it be tried on small areas for compatibility with plastics. SurPrep AR-58 evaporates completely so that there is no residual left behind to interfere with future bonding and can be used on paper and porous surfaces without remaining imbedded in the substrate.


Aerosol: Apply SurPrep AR-58 to the adhesive. The adhesive should become tacky. Continue to wet the adhesive with SurPrep AR-58 until adhesive becomes tacky. Either soak a rag with the SurPrep AR-58 and begin wiping the adhesive from the substrate or use a straight edge and begin scraping the adhesive from the substrate. Continue until adhesive is completely removed. Towelette: Unfold towelette and wipe over adhesive. Continue to wipe the area until adhesive is completely removed. SurPrep AR-58 can also be used for contact cleaning as well as general cleaning and degreasing.


• Dries Completely • Broad Solvency Range • Penetrates various adhesives • Works various substrates • Does not leave a residue • Softens adhesive quickly • Low VOC Specialty Adhesive Remover


Aerosol, towelettes, gallons, 5 gallons, drums Special packaging upon request

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