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Physical Properties

  • Flash Point:
    No Flash Point
  • pH:
    8.7 - 9.2
  • Density:
    8.6 lbs/gal
  • Percent Non-volatiles:

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Calla 296


Calla 296 is a concentrated, outstanding cleaner for use in Aqueous parts washing cabinets. It is low foaming at temperatures as low as 130° F and can remove dirt and grease from parts with cycle times as low as 3 minutes.


The operating temperature is 140° F - 180° F. The washer pump can be allowed to go as low as 130° F with no adverse effect on the foaming characteristics. Never operate the washer pump under 130° F. If pump is turned on at lower temperature, heavy foaming may take place. For optimum cleaning efficiency, the recommended dilution of the product is 20%. Lower concentrations result in greater foam. Usual cycle time for cleaning is 3-15 minutes. Do not overload the washer cabinet, keep all part surfaces exposed to direct spray whenever possible. As foaming increases the addition of Calla 296 will reduce the foam and increase the cleaning efficiency of the cabinet.


Meets all requirements of Source Control Drawing 9825019 Rev. C and meets Mil-C-29602 except section 3.7 (pH). The Cage Code for this product is 1KQX9 Control Part No. 9825019-17.


  • Cage Code
  • 8E913 & OTAN3 Control part # 9825019-17
  • The following T.O.'s apply to the use of this product on landing gear.
  • Brakes 4B-1-32
  • Struts 4S-1-182
  • Wheels 4W-1-61
  • The following National Stock Numbers (NSN) apply to this product
  • 55 gallon drum - 6850-01-485-5950
  • 5 gallon pail - 6850-01-485-5932
  • 1 gallon - 6850-01-485-5972


Item Number-->Package size

009438-->GAL/4 CS

007411-->5 GAL


007413-->330 GAL TOTE

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