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Calla 800 Commercial


Meets all requirements of Specifications Mil-C-87936 Type I. Calla 800 is highly concentrated and versatile water base cleaner and is an outstanding general aircraft cleaner and exhaust stain remover. It is also excellent for cleaning wheel wells and landing gear without solvent.


The following recommendations for the cleaning of aircraft, aircraft components and facilities have been compiled through many years of cleaning many types of aircraft under widely varied conditions. Exterior Fuselage Tail sections, Wing Tips, Etc.: Mix 1 part Calla 800 with 3 to 20 parts water, depending on the amount of soil; apply by spray or mop; allow a few minutes for penetration before mopping or brushing and rinsing thoroughly. For recovery of badly oxidized surfaces, be 1 to 3 mixture will give excellent results under most conditions. Future washing with more dilute mixtures will maintain oxide free, shiny surfaces. Exterior-Blast Area Landing Gear: Mix 1 part Calla 800 with 2 parts water, apply by spray/mop; allow a few minutes for penetration before scrubbing heavy deposits; flood rinse with water. If solvent can be used, mix 1 part Calla 800 with 5 parts solvent. Agitate mixture briefly with air to form emulsion. Spray or mop rnifiure over entire area; allow a few minutes for penetration; scrub surfaces well; rinse with water. Landing Gear & Wheel Wells While the use of solvent is restricted, apply Calla 800 full strength and allow 20 to 30 minutes dwell time, brush those areas subject to heavy grease build up. Rinse with high pressure hot water with the nozzle as cclse as possible to surface to take advantage of the additional agitation of water pressure. Waterless Cleaning Dilute Calla 800 as amount of soil requires in open bucket or barrel. Saturate mop in solution and wring out excess. Mop the surface thoroughly covering a small area at a time. Rinse with a clean, damp mop.


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009445-->GAL/4 CS

002020-->5 GAL


002022-->330 GAL TOTE

007801-->TANK / TRUCK

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