Unique Technology

The technology necessary to produce aircraft chemical products-lubricants, CICs, cleaners, sealants, solvents and adhesives-requires special expertise in formulating and delivering product. Zip-Chem possesses that expertise.

We understand that chemical products for aircraft production and maintenance must perform under very demanding conditions-including radical pressure changes, extended exposure to harsh environments and a wide range of temperatures. We also know that added weight is an important concern in all aircraft applications. Chemical products must perform with thin coatings or the least build-up possible.

In addition, aviation maintenance must be sensitive to modern environmental concerns. Zip-Chem products meet tightening requirements to reduce VOCs, eliminate ozone depletion and maintain air quality standards. The complex nature of what aircraft chemicals must accomplish can also make many of them quite expensive. But Zip-Chem works to minimize costs through innovations that reduce product waste.

In the near future, we will post detailed descriptions of how Zip-Chem's expertise has been of benefit to our customers. Please feel free to return to this page later, or send us an email if you have a specific question.

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